Scholarships for 2002

In each of the first two years we awarded $30,000 to artists of all ages in the categories of: Music, Dance, Visual Arts, Literature and Theatre. Our goal is to give at least this amount each year in scholarships.

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2002 Award Winners

Music - Vocal:
Nina Yoshida, Kerry Walsh - Ron & Faye Eson Award, Malynda Hale - Christopher Toomey Award

Music - Instrumental:
Claudia Kiser - Sean McGuire Award, Samuel D. Williams - Papayans Award, Thomas Yee

Geren Piltz - Collette McGuire Award, Bethany Rice

Deanne Musolf Crouch - Julia Child Award, Alisha  Westerman, Aaron Davisson, Daniel Hockenson

Laura Schmitz, Cybil Gilbertson, Paul Pizano Smith - Willard Moore Award, Damon Mahoney, Nicole Grand

Visual Arts:
Tracy Stone, Jay Redig - Pauline Award, Phoebe Brunner, Dominique Reboul - Molly Barbey Award, Djamel Ramoul -Scott & Lisa Burns Award