Mitchell E. Robles is highly regarded for his unique blend of Abstract Expressionist Studies and Contemporary Native American Paintings. The Robles Collection of powerful majestic images reveals, explores and celebrates his Chumash ancestry.

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Since early childhood, Robles' love of the outdoors has led him to investigate numerous ruins and sacred sights throughout the Western United States. The early exploration of his native Santa Barbara nurtured and developed a sense of appreciation which connects him to his ancient lineage and sacred traditions. The Native American themes in Robles' paintings contain mystery, power and dramatic images of warriors mystical faces and indigenous wildlife. His oil, acrylic and mixed media canvases explode with vibrant colors and rich textures. The wide range of symbols and imagery lead to a magical spiritual journey.

picture1.jpg (16318 bytes) Robles' art reflects a magnetic, energetic quality. His work has been compared to T.C. Cannon, Malcom Furlow and John Nieto.Robles acknowledges their influence; yet his unique bold brush strokes and choice of colors projects his own highly stylized form of art.

When asked why he paints, Robles responded, "Because it is a part of me. I enjoy the progress of painting and the unlimited possibilities unfolding before me. Painting also gives me the pleasure of creating a deep visual inner experience which may significantly impact the discriminating viewer."

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Robles, a nationally recognized and accomplished artist, has been exhibited in galleries from San Francisco to New York. His work has been featured in numerous publications including Southwest Art Magazine, ABC CLIO, Inc. and the American Library Association.