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John Edward Profant was born in Santa Barbara May 23, 1928, the son of Mabel and Dr. Henry J. Profant. Henry was a Founder of the Santa Barbara Medical clinic, and he and Mabel were supporters of the Music Academy of the West, and among the Founders of CAMA, the Community Arts Music Association.

Mabel contributed her services on the CAMA Board of Directors for over 50 years.This organization was a key player in the establishment of the first Old Spanish Days festival, and it was their role to integrate the performing Arts into this pageant.In his early years John was an accomplished horseman in the Mounted Boy Scouts Unit, and a gifted sailor. After serving in the National Guard and the Korean War he received an MS in Economics from UCLA.

Throughout his long career at Northrop Aircraft Company he was known for his integrity and diplomacy. Few of his associates knew of his talents as a tenor, and ballroom dancer. He performed with The International Opera Ensemble, Opera West, Inc., was supportive of several community arts organizations, and was a Founder and Member of the Board of the critically acclaimed Francisco Martinez Dancetheatre.

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