Patti GilbertA Daughter Remembers, by Laurel Philips

Through the 60’s my sister and I didn’t have a “Leave it to Beaver” Mom, we had a mother who worked six nights a week in Chicago’s dinner theatres as the leading lady. In fact, there probably isn’t a play used by small repertory companies we haven’t seen, which has come in handy when playing Trivial Pursuit games. While Mom enrolled us both in children’s (after school) acting groups, she was the only one with talent in that regard and we both grew up to be professionals in other areas (law and architecture).  The imprint of the acting world remains with us, however, as Mom has an enviable Rolodex of exciting and glamorous people she continues to see socially and gets invited to amazing events (guest of CBS execs to Nagano for the Olympics.)

Having lived in Santa Barbara at least part-time since ’89, I usually watched Fiesta Days on television, but a year ago I decided to buy tickets to the Profant Foundation dinner and performance. My husband and I dressed appropriately and were enthralled by the dancing and spirit of comraderie stemming from the Profant family and spilling out over the audience on the courthouse lawn. I offered to help the foundation and its artists with copyright issues for the newsletter and eventually began an acting scholarship in my mother’s name.

The Patti Gilbert scholarship can be awarded to any person of any age who exhibits talent in the acting profession.  I am grateful to the Profant Foundation for allowing me to pay homage to my talented and beautiful mother in her lifetime, so the legacy can continue.  

Career highlights include:
- Produced "Sea Marks", a play by Gardner McKay, which won the 1974 Los Angeles Drama Award
- Many years of voice-overs for TV and radio, and cartoons
- Years of modeling and acting in "Get Smart", "Batman" and other early TV programs.

"I really did enjoy all that I did and was fortunate to earn a living doing things creative and fun.  I have met and known fabulous people, but best of all my recollections was raising my two daughters, Laurel and Gina." Patti Gilbert