There is a maximum of 100 acts available. Therefore, we will accept acts on a first come, first serve basis or as otherwise decided by conference officials up to the maximum number of acts.
Check www.profant.org daily for updates & scheduling.

How did you hear about this? ___________________
Name of Act as it is to be announced _____________________________________________________________________________________________
Name(s) and ages if under 21: _____________________________________________________________________________________________
Contact : Address_______________________________________________________________________________
City, State, Zip _________________________________________________________________________________
Phone(s) ______________________________Email___________________________________________________

Check ALL the options below which best describe your act:
____Classical ____ Contemporary

____Instrumental Solo ____ Instrumental Group (see below for Bands)

____Vocal Solo ____ Vocal Group
____Vocal w/guitar ____Vocal w/tape ____Vocal w/CD ____Vocal w/piano & accompanist

____ Dance Solo   ____Dance Group    ______Other
____Jazz    ____Tap    ____ Ballet    ____ Flamenco    ____ Modern   ______ Ballroom

Variety 1 : ____ Ventriloquist ____ Acrobatic ____Magic _____ Karaoke
Variety 2 : ____ Poet/Monologue/Reading ____ Musical Theater ____ Comedian

Other (specify) ______________________________________________________

Brief Description of Act: _______________________________________________

Approximate Length of Act (Maximum 3 minutes): __________________________

Bands - if your group requires more than 2 minutes to set up, you may be scheduled for an alternate date. Also, due to the extra considerations, the donation for Bands is $200 per act, plus $25 per instrument.
What are your power requirements? ______________________________________________________________________________

What instruments will you set up? ____________________________________________________________________________________


Donations - If you would like to find a business or individual to sponsor your entry, please let them know that they will receive credit in our digital program to be included with each copy of the Talent Search. Please list the sponsorís Name as it should appear in the program, and address so that we can forward a thank you note and tax receipt.______________________________________________________________________


Donation -- $100.00 for each act must be enclosed (see above for Bands). Fee is enclosed yes/no ________
Credit Cards are accepted. Card holder completes the following:

Name ______________________________________________________________________
Address ____________________________________________________________________
Phone _____________________________________ Email ___________________________
Visa/MC/AmEx # _____________________________________________ Exp. Date________

Make checks payable to the Profant Foundation For The Arts. Please email your entry (copy/paste into note & complete), or mail entries to: Profant Foundation - 3905 State Street Suite 7-128 Santa Barbara, CA 93105 Attention: Talent Show Director

The undersigned give permission and understand that their picture may be taken and/or be filmed on video. The video would be for judging committees to review and to (possibly) broadcast on television. If this is a group application, all members of the group must have a legal parent or guardian sign. Without all these signatures, the entry will not be accepted. I (we), the undersigned agree with and understand all the Guidelines. I (we) will abide by them.

Signature (s) of legal guardian, parent (s)



Thank you from the Profant Foundation, Santa Barbara City College and all the SBCC students who will benefit from your generous contributions of time, talent and donations!