Scholarships for 2003

In each of the first two years we awarded $30,000 to artists of all ages in the categories of: Music, Dance, Visual Arts, Literature and Theatre. Our goal is to give at least this amount each year in scholarships. Click below to see previous recipients.

bulletG.gif (309 bytes)  2002 Award Winners
bulletG.gif (309 bytes)  2001 Award Winners

2003 Award Winners

First Place Awards:          $2000
Second Place Awards:     $1000
Special Gifts/Honorable Mention:     $500

We would like to thank all of our applicants for sharing their work with us. The judging of the applications is based on three basic criteria:

Basic talent for the art, even if undeveloped
Desire for a career, showing focus and involvement in activities toward that  goal
Financial need due to life circumstances

All of our judges have made it clear that the talent was exemplary, and the decision on recipients was very difficult to reach.   We hope to remain in contact with all of our applicants through the coming year, and to provide opportunities and venues for exhibition and performance for them.

First Place:           Geren Piltz
Second Place:      Beatrice Nunez-Bellamy
Special Mention for Film:     Karlos Benavides
Special Mention for Film:     Monique Sonoquie

First Place:          Daniel Jaffe
Second Place:     Margot Lurie
Honorable Mention:      Jeanine Peters    

First Place:     Laura Schmitz    
Second Place:     Susan Shaberman                   
Special Gift:      Janina Mason

Music - Vocal
First Place:          Nina Yoshida
Second Place:      Daniel Ozan    
Music - Instrumental
First Place:          Seungah Seo
Second Place:      Sarah Hodges    
Special Mention for Composition:     Lacy David
Special Mention for Composition:     Lewis Marklin Mash
Special Gift:           Blue Dascomb

First Place:          Gail Brendle
Second Place:      Maya Samuels
Honorable Mention:          Miguel Angel Jimenez