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Be A Star – Or Support A Star !!!
Sign up yourself, child, grandchild, neighbor - everyone wins!
Your entry with a donation of $100 benefits Santa Barbara City College students.
All performers win a digital copy of performance, many will be aired on local TV, many will receive referrals to agents or mentors, and the Grand Prize is all of the above and $500! 

Open to first 100 entries, so if you plan to enter RSVP now to JEProfant@aol.com

The Talent Search can work in many ways:

- performers can enter  (everyone wins DVD of performance & chance for more)
- parents and friends can sponsor a contestant (as a gift)
- businesses can sponsor a contestant (sponsorship credit on TV)
- performing organizations can sponsor a contestant (great PR for what you do)
- people/businesses/board members/angels - can donate a "ticket" to the school or performing organization of their choice - so the school/organization can feature a contestant

Sponsors Benefits:
The performer will be listed along with YOUR name
on the DVD program and you will be credited on the TV program.
You will be invited to the private auditions too!

YOUR name will be announced as part of the introduction on TV
i.e. "Jane Smith sponsored by ____"   or  "currently performing with _____ "

Winners of 1st and 2nd Place will appear on The Santa Barbara Channels, Channel 17 or Channel 21, supporting local culture and arts by broadcasting at least one hour of performances.

Click here to become a Sponsor: Donations Thank you!!!

Panel of Judges include:

Music/Vocal: Dr. Mary Collier, Mark DeAnda, Marilyn Gilbert, Hedda Moneycuts, David Potter, Nathan Rundlett, Bob Scott, Jack Ullom Dance: David Alvarez, Robert Boyd, Steven Lovelace, Susan Manchak, Julie McLeod, Denice Rinaldi, Diana Vandervoort Theatrical: Janet Adderley, Barbie Burgess, Rich Hoag, Arlene and Milt Larsen, Sara Miller McCune, Ronnie Mellen, Joyce Shaar, Dr. Larry Williams

The John E. Profant Foundation For The Arts is producing the
Talent Search to reach a broad range of students in the Film, Theater, Art and Music Departments
Our mission as a non-profit 501c3 organization is to assist artists of all ages through scholarships, exhibits and performances. We truly appreciate your support as a sponsor, performer or volunteer!

The award will be named in memory of Bob Profant.

"We are delighted that the John E. Profant Foundation for the Arts
has made our students the beneficiaries of its upcoming Talent Search
fundraiser. John's brother, Robert Profant, was a faculty member at
SBCC for nearly four decades and a major contributor in molding the
college into the highly regarded institution and community that it is
today. The collaboration between the Profant Foundation and SBCC carries
on the legacy of these two inspirational men who cared deeply about
students and the arts. The scholarships provided by the Talent Search
proceeds will make a big difference to students who might not otherwise
be able to pursue their dreams of studying in the fields of music, film,
theatre, and the visual arts."
John Romo, President, Santa Barbara City College

”The following will help you better understand what we are looking for and expect from you as well as letting you know about areas you should avoid for obvious reasons. Let's all have a great time and your participation and talent will make this an event no one will forget!”
Joyce Shaar, Event Chair

Please check www.profant.org weekly for any updates and scheduling details!

1) Anyone 5 - 105 is eligible. No residency requirements. Professionals and amateurs welcome.
2) Acts will be allotted no more than Three (3) MINUTES to perform. Acts will be timed and any group going over three minutes will be requested to complete their act immediately.
3) Participants may perform more than once during the show.
4) Each individual act must complete a separate application.
5) NO profanity or vulgar lyrics in any vocal performance or dance music. This is a family show!!! NO alcohol, tobacco, or drug advertisements are to be shown on any clothing. NO pyrotechnics, open flames or any other dangerous additions. Appearance on recorded media is subject to the judges discretion.
6) Sound Technician and microphone(s) will be provided.
7) Contestants using recorded music for their performance: must bring their own equipment. Prepare only the selection to be performed and have the selection ready to play. Homemade recordings must be tested to play on any standard CD/Tape player. You must provide your own CD music, taped music, instruments, props, etc., if needed.
8) A CD player, electronic keyboard, acoustical piano and mics are the only equipment furnished.
9) Contestants must be checked in, ready to perform, ½ hour before their scheduled audition.
10) There will be a setup time limit of two minutes.
11) When using recorded accompaniment, no like talent is allowed on the recording. i.e. Vocal, tap dancing, any like instrument, etc.
12) The Judges' decisions will be final. The scoring is based on Ability, Appearance/Presentation, and Audience Appeal.
13) If there are an abundance of entries for this talent show, then the organizing committee will use this criteria to approve performing acts: a) Multiple entries from one team may be declined, b) Uniqueness and creativity will be given priority, c) Random selection

Rules are subject to change at the sole discretion of the Talent Show organizers. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS REGARDING TALENT SHOW PLEASE CONTACT jeprofant@aol.com

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